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    Change Qlik Sense Default App Thumbnail

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi there Community,


      I'm working with the Qlik Sense Enterprise and I'm trying to change the default thumbnail of a newly created App.

      Therefore I went to the QMC into the Default Content Library and deleted and reuploaded a new "Qlik_default_qlikcircles.png", which did not help. Then I looked into all my Qlik Sense Enterprise files. I found 2 folders where there is this "Qlik_defaul_qlikcircles.png" file. This time, I manually changed both pictures but I kept the name so that Qlik should accept the new one. But after all this work done, nothing changed and i still have the qlikcircles as default.


      I hope you can help me out on that one!


      Thanks in advance