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    Differences in two systems' setups while running QVSource scripts

    Vladimir Komarov

      Hello all,


      Need some advice:

      1. I have two identical (almost) QS systems, running QS 3.1.

      2. One was configured a while ago and was recently upgraded. The other one was a fresh install.

      3. Both systems have QVSource component running.

      4. The first (old upgraded) system runs script extracting data from Mongo DB successfully.

      5. The second (newly created) system fails the same script with the message:


      LOAD statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode

      The error occurred here:


      LOAD * FROM [http://localhost:5555/QVSource/MongoDBConnectorV2/?table=AAAAAAAA&appID=&server=bbb-zzzzz.xxxxxx.com&port=27017&database=table&collection=world] (qvx);


      I know that this looks like "legacy scripting mode" issue (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.1/Subsystems/Hub/Content/LoadData/disable-standard-mode.htm). But I do not have this mode activated on my first system.... There is no "Mongo Connector" set on "old" system either....


      I guess some other option was set during the "old" setup a while ago. Just looking for suggestions what I am missing in my "new setup". I will appreciate your help!