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    Join (Add) one field from another Table

    Buck Master

      Hope you can help with this, I have two tables,



      Load * Inline [ 

      TableKey, TBL1Code,FieldA,FieldB

      TBLKeyA, ValueKeyA, Betty, Lu

      TBLKeyB, ValueKeyB, Bob, Ray

      TBLKeyC, ValueKeyC, Louie, Lou




      Load *  Inline [

      TableKey, TBL2Code,Field3,Field4,Field5

      TBLKeyA,  FieldA, AAA, BBB, CCC,DDD

      TBLKeyB,  FieldB, BBB, CCC, DDD,EEE

      TBLKeyC,  FieldC, CCC, DDD, EEE,FFF



      I would like to get the field (TBL1Code) from table1 and add it to table2 based off the key (TableKey)

      So that i end up with something like this:


      TBLKeyA,  FieldA, AAA, BBB, CCC,DDD, ValueKeyA

      TBLKeyB,  FieldB, BBB, CCC, DDD,EEE, ValueKeyB

      TBLKeyC,  FieldC, CCC, DDD, EEE,FFF, ValueKeyC