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    Unable to Authenticate Qlikview local users thru Jmeter Proxy Recording mode

      Hi Team,


      We are doing QlikView performance testing using jmeter. currently we facing a issue while recording the business scenarios thru jmeter (local Proxy) with Qlikview local windows users/groups.


      Problem Statement:

      1.  We were able to successfully create the jmeter scripts for qlikview app (with LDAP authentication).

      2.  Later we have removed the LDAP authentication and created local windows users/groups.

      3.  For Local users, manually we are able to access the application successfully, but when try to record the scenarios using Jmeter localhost proxy ( / 8090), authentication is not working as expected. Authentication not accepted by qlikview server via local proxy and it keep popping up the authentication window.


      is there any workaround for this issue? please ignore QVscalability tool usage. we want to do this testing using jmeter.


      bmw @Sebastian Fredenberg !