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    Can Input box value update table box accordingly?


      I am a newbie to QLik View and have recently installed Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition desktop client.

      I have a requirement where i have 2 input fields i.e. input boxes in terms of QLik View. On entering values in both input boxes and pressing enter, a table box needs to be updated to reflect the table box values according to what is entered in both input fields.

      Can anyone please guide me with any reference material or link on how can this be achieved i.e. connecting 2 input boxes with a table box display?

      I am enclosing an example screenshot of my expected screen and requirements:

      error loading image

      Appreciate any help.

      Thanks and Regards


        • Can Input box value update table box accordingly?
          Rob Wunderlich

          You can't do this with a Table Box, but you can get the same effect using a Straight Table Chart.

          Assume your Ibput Boxes assign values to the variables vParam1 and vParam2.

          1. Create a Straight Table.
          2. Assign Column3 and Column4 as Dimensions.
          3. Add an expression =vParam1. Add another expression for =vParam2.
          4. Drag the chart columns to get the order you want.