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    Load an Excel file via Load Data Editor to increment it in a report

      Hi Guys,


      Let me expose my need:

      I receive everyday an Excel file in a network path. The path is always the same but the file name is a variable like: "Statistics_2016-10-11". I mean, the file name changes according to the current date.

      This Excel file data has to be incremented into the report in order to keep the existing data in the report and add that newer data from Excel.

      Tomorrow I'll receive a file called "Statistics_2016-10-12", so the data loaded today has to be kept and the data from "Statistics_2016-10-12" has to be incremented.


      Could anyone provide me a code to Load it dynamically? 


      In addition, is it possible to schedule a data load in order to load it everyday at 5:30 AM for example, or set a trigger to catch the file when it come to the mapped path?

      Thanks in advance.