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    Can Check box in column of table update another table


      I am new to Qlik View and have installed Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition.

      I need to have a checkbox in last column of every row of a table say straight table in Qlik View terminology. On click of check box of any row it needs to update contents of another straight table based on a column value of 1st straight table.

      Q 1. Can i add check boxes in last column of all rows in a straight table?

      Q 2. If answer to above question is yes, then how can i update another straight table contents, based on clicking a check box on one row of 1st table, value will be updated based on another column's value in selected row of 1st table.

      Can anyone please help me in this? Example screen is below

      error loading image

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        • Can Check box in column of table update another table
          Neil Miller

          I don't think it is possible to put a checkbox in a table cell. QlikView doesn't really use the traditional Forms elements and I think cell contents are limited to text, images and guages.

          A possible workaround would be to use QlikView selection functionality to get something similar. You would need a unique key for each record (or line of your chart if there is aggregation) and put that as your last column. When the use clicks on that value, QlikView would select it. Then, based on that selection, you should be able to modify your second table.

          For the second table, do you simply want the user to select a value from Col 1 and then show only those records where that value is in Col 5? I can't really tell from your example. If that is the case, then using QlikView selection functionality should do the trick. You can't use the checkbox idea, but QlikView has some intuative ways for users to make selections and one of those may work for you.