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    Displaying last 12 months in a Chart

    Ganesh Bagavathi



      I am looking for some help on restricting a chart to display the recent 12 month's data. Chart looks like the attachment and the set expressions are pasted below.



      =Month(MakeDate(2015,FISC_MTH_NBR)) // FISC_MTH_NBR is the Fiscal equivalent of a month



      Num(Sum({<FISC_YR_NBR={"$(=Only({1}YearofToday))"},DateNum={">=$(=Num(FISC_YR_START_DT))<=$(=Num(Today()))"}>} PRICE),'#,###,###,##0') // YearofToday is a variable defined at the Script level which is if(Date=Today(),FISC_YR_NBR) as YearofToday


      I have 4 of such expressions which will display the Revenue and Margin for Current and Prior Years.


      The solutions/suggestions already discussed in the community will not help me as i am not using the date column in my expressions.