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    Install third part certificate in Apache using QAP Sense 3.x

    Luciano Garcia

      Dear fellows,


      I am trying to apply a third party certificate in a Win Server 2012 R2, issued to subdomain.domain.com.br and applied by Apache v2.4.

      So far, everything is working just fine:





      But, when the website makes a call to load the charts from Sense (embedded by iframes), it received an error saying that certificate is invalid (above in the print):




      To solve this problem, i tried to replace the self-signed certificate in QMC (i followed the procedures described in the link:

      https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.1/Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/change-proxy-certificate.htm ), using the thumbprint from the new certificate after the installation in Windows Certificate Store,but i couldn't validate it.


      Please, how can i make sure of the substitution is working and the charts in Sense be loaded ?