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    Passing Parameter into QlikSense Load script

    Bill Markham



      I have just converted a few QlikView QVD generators into QlikSense and all has gone well....


      ..... until I started converting a QVD Generator for an incremental load.


      This has an input parameter and its value controls the incremental load:

      • Positive number, Loads data that was updated since that many days ago
      • Zero, Loads since last reload started
      • Negative Number, Does a full load


      For Dev testing in QlikView, in the script it uses the Input() function to pass the parameter into a variable.  This from the Help is not supported in QlikSense [In reality it is more than just not supported, the command simply does not exist]


      In the QlikView QMC we have 2 seperate tasks:

      • Full Load task that passes a parameter of -1 into the script variable
      • Incremental Load task that passes a parameter of 0 into the script variable

      I am pretty sure in QlikSense QMC tasks one cannot pass a parameter to populate a script variable.  [I certainly can see no way of doing this and no mention of it in the manual]

      I see one can add a Tag to a QlikSense task and it would be a great work around if one could somehow reference that Tag in the load script.  But I ain't got a clue how one would do that, or indeed if it is even possible.

      Any suggestions anybody ?