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    How to Correctly Setup Heatmapping Extension?

    Andy McIntosh

      Hey Qlik Community, I recently installed this Qlik Branch project for our Qlik Sense Server, the 2 Dimensional Heatmap and while we followed the instruction guidelines (load the zip file in QMC) we have been unable to deploy it as displayed in the previews where multiple dimensions drive the heatmap.

      Goal/Expectation: Use 2 Dimensions (Radio Station,Start Time) to track how many Errors are encountered on a station level daily.


      Encountered Result:

      Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.42.35 PM.png


      The data keeps getting "bunched" into Monday, October 10th-- we have experienced this with another Extension, so is it something related to our data and how we loaded it from Qlik (via .csv)?


      Here's a snapshot from the table headers this sheet is pulling from:

      Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.52.50 PM.png


      Qlik recognizes the 'start_time' field as a date field, but why is all the data getting lumped into one little 'square' tile for Monday? And how can we add an additional dimension that groups by the Station field row by row?