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    Cannot read BIFF file

    Alexandr Shilyaev


      I am trying to read xls file.

      But when it is reading via QlikCloud, it fails.

      Error : Cannot read BIFF file.



      Crosstable (Month, Value, 6)

      LOAD *

      FROM [lib://shilyaev/Pritok2017.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is Data$);


      Let me know if anyone could help to solve this issue.


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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Alexandr,


          Just to be clear - is this an Excel Binary type file? - If so - have you verified that it works with Qlik Sense Desktop? I believe what you may be using is a Binary Excel file that this type .xlsb. Can you save this as a .xlsx and try again?


          I have attempted to use this (attached) and I get unsupported file format,



          If I save as and Excel Workbook.



          It works:



          So please let us know.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Julisy Amador


            Here you are an example that I'm sure that work.


            I hope it help you!