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      I'm pretty new to Qlikview and trying to do an analysis of how sales performance varies depending on the number of leads given to a sales person in a week. I have the following columns:

      DispatchDate - date lead sent to sales person

      InContract - 1 if contract closed, 0 if not


      What I'd like to end up with is InContract rate per # of leads given in a week. In other words for all instances where a sales person got 1 lead in a week (1 lead in an "AgentWeek"), what is the aggregate close rate of those leads. In all weeks where a sales person got 2 leads, what is the aggregate close rate of those leads, etc. Also, I'd like to do a histogram that shows the distribution of leads given per AgentWeek (count of AgentWeeks with 0 leads, AgentWeeks with 1 leads, etc).

      Any help in thinking through how to structure this is greatly appreciated.