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    Balanced Scorecard


      Does anyone have info in how to implement a Balanced Scorecard? Thank u very much!

        • Balanced Scorecard

          For Implementing balance score card,

          u need to follow the

          PTOMTI --->>>
          Perspective --->Targets - >Objectives -->Measures-->Tasks-->Initiatives.
          first define all this in details

          then take four Legs-- financial , customer relationship, internal business processes and then Learning and growth

          then associate all PTOMTI with four quadrants of balanced score card. then implement using the chart with Trellis facility to show all four quadrants...

          • Re: Balanced Scorecard

            Balanced Scorecard requires a lot of know-how and practical experience to be implemented correctly. No wonder that anecdotical statistics indicates a 70% failure rate in BSC implementation projects.


            Don't play with it. BSC looks apparently simple, but it's a complex sistem that is not easy to implement. And cerainly not without a mature BSC framework, such as the Kaplan-Norton XPP (Execution Premium Process).


            Mihai Ionescu

            Kaplan-Norton BSc Certified since 2009