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    Converting Count to If Statement

    Mark Pratt

      I'm currently using the follow count statement and it works beautifully:


      Count({<Access_Id = {"=count(distinct{<DDA_External_Tran_Code={'5'}, Account_Status-={'Closed'}, MobileCapture={'Yes'}>}DDA_Description_Link)>4"}>}distinct Access_Id)


      I need to change to either a set analysis or if statement that will give me the actual Access_Id or Tax_Id_Number instead of the count. The following is what I have but keep getting an error:


      if(({<Access_Id ={=count(distinct{<DDA_External_Tran_Code={'5'}, Account_Status-={'Closed'}, MobileCapture={'Yes'}>}DDA_Description_Link)>4}>}),Tax_Id_Number)


      Please help.