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    Clearing Selections and Locked Fields in NP16

    Cassandra Baqir

      See attached - I have 4 graphs that I have 2 different Process Steps locked in each and then want the user selections of FY and Service Area to apply. When I use the '$' in the code, I get the same data for all graphs even though they should be different because they are looking at different steps.


      I think the issue is related to selections on a graph on another sheet(tab) in my dashboard. There is a bookmark for the Dashboard tab when the doc is opened to select Ticket Created And Routed for that tab.


      If you instead select the same 2 steps as in one of the NPrinting tabs like Routed and Fully Approved, the numbers on the Dashboard tab charts should match those on CH151 and CH152 on the For NPrinting tab.


      NPrinting has a way to "Clear All Selections" when connecting to the source data but when I did that, nothing came across because even the locked field selections were cleared. Ugh. Any ideas?