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    NPrinting Linked fields

    Gerald Schooten

      I am creating a Word Template in NPrinting, based on 6 different Qlikview files. I use a period filter on the last 12 months and a linked field filter based on the organisation_id. This works when all of the QVW files have data for that specific organisation_id. But when one of the QVW's doesn't have any data associated for the specific 12 months on that organisation_id. All the associated data for the 12 months is shown. When there is data associated for the specific 12 months on an organisation_id. I receive the expected results.


      Any idea why this happens? The settings on the linked field is:"Keep all values". If i use "Keep all matching values only", i get only the reports that has data over all the 6 QVW.


      Your thoughts?


      Thanks in advanced,