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    Query of different columns and output total

      I apologize for the question, but I'm just starting to work in Qlik Sense and still hang in a lot of places, but what I think is normal at the beginning - there are endless possibilities.


      A sum of column B with restriction in column A I get over yes




      If I now however the restriction must expand, then I come no further. Say I would like to receive the Sumnme of AUFHDRDB.SUM_N_EUR if AUFHDRDB.BEL_ART = A and AUFHDRDB.STATUS = O or G or T


      I have it with you


      Sum ({$ <[UPDATE.BEL_ART] = {A} and ([UPDATE.STATUS] = {O} or [UPDATE.STATUS] = {G} or [UPDATE.STATUS] = {T})>} PICK UP. SUM_N_EUR)


      Sum ({$ <[UPDATE.BEL_ART] = "A" and ([UPDATE.STATUS] = "O"} or [UPDATE.STATUS] = "G"} or [UPDATE.STATUS] = "T"}) } AUFHDRDB.SUM_N_EUR)




      Sum ({$ <[UPDATE.BEL_ART] = 'A' and ([UPDATE.STATUS] = 'O'} or [UPDATE.STATUS] = 'G'} or [UPDATE.STATUS] = 'T'}) } AUFHDRDB.SUM_N_EUR)


      Tried, but always get an error displayed. My question is where this is. Would be glad if someone could show me my mistake. Thank you!