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    Limiting a graph's dimension to a certain value


      Hi everyone,

      I'm currently participating in a case study at university and am therefore working myself into the free version of Qlikview . It's actually been quite easy and intuitive so far but there's one thing that I've not managed to do so far:

      I have a table that lists all the purchase orders of a company, including fields for the material, its price and the plant that bought it. I now want to calculate the average price of several certain materials for each of the four plants.

      So far, I've done this: I have created a chart and used the plant and the material id for dimensions and Avg(price) as the expression. The chart I get lists all the materials that occur in the database. In order to point out certain gaps, I want to limit the material dimension to certain materials. I tried editing the dimension and the first and only thing I came up with was =(MaterialNumber='M321'). Now I get eight bars in my graph, two for each country. The left one shows a value which seems to be the average price of ALL materials combined. The right one displays the average price of material M321. Now how do I get rid of the left one? I thought that an expression like MaterialNumber='M321' would only display the right bar. I could of course do this by adding the material id field as a listbox but upon selecting a material id, some other graphs would get messed up.

      Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.