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    problem in Clear Chart object from macro

    Anil Konduri


      I am using attach and detach from macro

      SUB TEST
      If ((ActiveDocument.Evaluate("=GetSelectedCount(STATUS)")) Or (ActiveDocument.Evaluate("=GetSelectedCount(COUNTRY)")) Or (ActiveDocument.Evaluate("=GetSelectedCount(SPECIFIC)")) Or (ActiveDocument.Evaluate("=GetSelectedCount(CERT)")) ) > 0 Then
      End If
      END SUB

      Now the problem is, if I click clear after filtering from list boxes, the chart is not able to clear the selection and its applying Detach. How to I clear selection from the chart and apply detach.


      Thanks in Advance

        • problem in Clear Chart object from macro


          I can't really understand you intention, you want a detached chart when non of the fields are selected?

          To check on that I would rather use + instead of OR? And I cant really see why you would detach if nothing is selected (or is the check only on a subset of fields?).

          Anyway - I would add a msgbox to see that the macro actually gets called with the clear event.