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    Show 0 values in Line Chart but not null values

      Hello folks,


      I am struggling with a problem regarding a line chart. I have a line chart showing three lines. Two of the lines are already showing "future" values while one is supposed to show only the current and historical value. I attached my qvw for a better understanding. The line "Open" is supposed to stop if the value is null. In my example set the filters to Sprint = 2 and Burndown Type = Task Burndown. The blue line (Open) is supposed to show only data until 12.10.2016. At the moment it displays 0 values for any upcoming days.


      I cannot just check the supress Zero-Values on the presentation tab, because the line for Supposed needs to end at a 0 value and also the Open line could end on a 0 value.




      The display of the data should remain exactly the same with the only difference that the blue line should stop on 12.10.2016.


      Thank you all in advance.