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    QS Mahsup In NodeJs Environment

    Gabi Nea

      I'm developing a NodeJs Application and I need some objects from QlikSense.

      I'm using as an example nodejs-qliksense and I've managed to connect to QS hub by accessing the link like: server-name/custom, so I think that the VPS is properly configured.


      However, I'm not able to to show any QS objects because the JS files are not properly loaded.

      I'm accessing the NodeJs server via server-name:5005 and the browser is trying to load the required JS files on the server-name:5005 instead of server-name/required js files.

      The NodeJS server and QS Server are located on the same machine.


      Could you guys give me some pointers about this?


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          Alexander Karlsson

          Have you changed the require.config values in public/script.js? Because it sounds like it's trying to load relative to where the page is hosted instead of the Qlik Sense static directory

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              Gabi Nea

              Thank you for your reply.


              I have changed the host, prefix and port.

              The relative path seems to be the issue, if I remove the port number in public/script.js, all the JS files are loaded, however the authentication fails, as there is no port for the NodeJS server to listen to.

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                Gabi Nea

                I've tinkered a little bit the code and it seems that the authentication is not part is not called if I access the app like this: server-name:5005

                However accessing server-name/custom works, and I'm redirected to the QMC/HUB.

                How can I get the ticket value to append it to the required resources?


                I understand that when the required.js file is loaded, the authentication module should be called, but this is not happening as I'm getting an undefined JS in the Browser Inspector.