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    How to copy my variable from one project to another project ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I have a project , which i make all my expression into variable. For example i have expression like below :-


      I create variable = vSalesSum

      So that when i change the expression , all my expression which is using vSalesSum will be changes.


      Now i have 100 variable in my project. and i like to create a new project , which i load by binary load :-

      Binary 'lib://vFOLDER_/000_QVD_V8023.qvw'; 


      After load all the data from above script , i need to copy the 100 variable to this new project.


      Does any one have any idea how to copy them ?


      Alternative i can using my master project which have 60 sheet , what i can do is delete all 60 sheet , and save as new project name. this is very manual , i hope some one can share with me it there a faster way.