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    How to resend delta data from a request already loaded ?



      When delta loading is performed based on the QvSAPEXTRConnector, data is transmitted from

      the BW cube to QVD files once.

      If the generation of QVD is KO  and that charging request is OK from BW to QlikView, we are unable to regenerate data from the delta again.

      The launch of a new delta doesn't transfer data since it considers that the delta has already been sent to QlikView.


      How Does it possible to send data from a delta request already loaded?

      Is there a setting/Transaction to perform at SAP BW?


      We conducted an attempt by removing the line of the request load  in /QTQVC/STATUS.

      We also tried loading the request founded in the logs by adding INITRNR in the script:


      INITRNR REQU_QTQVCEXTR1_20161011110526


      can you please help us to find a solution?

      Thank you for your reply.