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    How do I merge two Measure values into one dimensions (by month)? I can only do this using front-end options

    John Blomqvist

      Hi all,


      I have a straight table in QlikView like this:



      Dimension: Month

      Expression 1: Aggr(Sum(LineSalesAmount), Month)

      Expression 2: Aggr(Sum(LineSalesAmountForecast), Month)


      (I know I don't have to aggr in the above example but in the real data I have to, the above is just a simplified version).


      I would like Expression 1 and 2 to be combined into one expression so that the Sum(LineSalesAmountForecast) values are shown where you see the grey area at the moment.


      Does anyone know how to do this please using front-end expressions?


      I am not allowed to edit the data model.