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    Ad-hoc(Self service report) in Qlik Sense

    vijeta sharma

      Hi all,


      Can anyone suggest me how to create ad-hoc kind of report (table) where, I will be having dimension and measure selection and whichever I select, only those dimensions and measures should get display in table.



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          Mark Ritter

          I did something like this in an app.


          I use an extension so that the user can pick the Dimension that they want.


          I load an inline table that contains the choices from the filter along with the actual field value that I need to get the data.


            // Used to assign the correct field based on the selection made in filter on Patient Outcomes Sheet


          Load * Inline [


          'By Facility','Facility'

          'By District','District'

          'By Region','Region'

          'By MeasureDesc','MeasureDesc'

          'By ReferralSource','ReferralSourceID'

          'By PrimaryProgram','PrimaryProgramDesc'

          'By SecondaryProgram','SecondaryProgramDesc'

          'By DiagnosticGroup','DiagnosticGroupDesc'

          'By MedicalDx','MedicalDxDesc'

          'By FDScale','MeasureGroup_Scale'

          'By EOC Destination','EOCDest'



          In the table my dimension is defined as

          $(='[' & only(Dim1) & ']')


          The field in the filter extension is Display so that I can match it to the inline table.


          Hope that helps as does what you want.