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    Join + Group By in Qlik Sense

    Maxime Dumas



      I am trying to translate this sql query into a load script using a qvd file. The idea is to precalculate fees for the trailing 12 months at load to speed up things. This result is used in a complex score calculation that must be precalculated, so I cannot use a calendar to do it on the fly. PositionMonthlySnapshot is a 235 millions rows table.


      Here is the SQL that would do the expected behavior:

      SELECT client_sk, d.snapshot_date, sum(firmcur_management_fees) FROM bi_poc_demo.position_monthly_fact p

      join bi_poc_demo.t12_dates d on p.snapshot_date = d.t12_date

      group by client_sk, d.snapshot_date


      Here is the load script:

      [T12 Months]:


        Floor([Snapshot Date]) as [Snapshot Date Master],

        Floor(MonthEnd(AddMonths([Snapshot Date], -IterNo() + 1))) as [Snapshot Date]

      Resident [Snapshot Dates]

      While IterNo() <= 12;


      [Position T12 Tmp]:

      LOAD [Client ID], [IA Code ID], [Branch ID], [Security ID], Floor([Snapshot Date]), [Position Management Fees],

      FROM 'lib://QVDLib/PositionMonthlySnapshot.qvd' (qvd);


      INNER JOIN ([Position T12 Tmp])

      LOAD [Snapshot Date], [Snapshot Date Master]

      RESIDENT [T12 Months];


      [Position T12]:

      LOAD [Client ID], [Snapshot Date Master], SUM([Position Management Fees])

      RESIDENT [Position T12 Tmp]

      GROUP BY [Client ID], [Snapshot Date Master];


      Although this script would work, the join between [Position T12 Tmp] and [T12 Months] causes a 235M x 12 table, which makes me run out of RAM. Is there a better way to do this using Qlik, or will I have to do it in the warehouse?



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          Robert Mika

          Is this full script?

          I can not see any drop table statement

          I believe the T12Months is redundant?


          What is the join between Position T12 tmp and the next Table?

          Is ClientID the key?

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              Maxime Dumas

              No it's not the full script, just the part equivalent to the SQL. The T12 Table is deleted after the join. T12Months contains the 12 months for each [Snapshot Date]. The idea is to sum the [Position Management Fees] for each T12 for each month. The expected result is:


              Client IDSnapshot DateT12 Fees
              1Jan 31 2015456.42
              1Dec 31 2014235.24



              So basically, I need a T12 calculation for each entry in position_monthly_fact.