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    NPrinting question reports for over 1000 Users

    Bobby Flake



      I am very  very new to NPrinting so I apologies if I'm asking a silly question.


      I have a requirement to send monthly reports to all the Service Owners in my company (1000+)  Each one is responsible for a specific set of items.  Each Service Owner needs to receive a report filtered for their specific items.


      Watching the videos it looks like NPrinting requires each report recipient to be set up as a user.  Is there a way for NPrinting look at my Qlikview app and identify the Service Owners and create a report for each that contains only their information.  I have a column called Service Owner and a column with their email address.


      Is there a way to set up NPrinting to identify the service owners, their email address and send them their individual reports with out manually entering 1000+ users?