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    Null values in Data Model Viewer

    Renuka Sasikumar



      The Employee_Data dimension has 20444 records.

      As per Data Model Viewer, there is no duplication on Employee_Id & there are 20444 distinct employee_id’s.

      In the below Preview of Data, however it is showing many blank records.


      Can anyone help



        • Re: Null values in Data Model Viewer
          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          I'm not sure but if Employee_Id field has 0 nulls maybe other field such as Dealer Name or emp_name_display or any other field might have null value hence the Employee_Id shows no record for it?

          Maybe few of the Dealer Names has no Employee_Id?

          Check your db for any nulls.

          Another way to check this is in UI make list boxes or a table box to check if there are any nulls in front end as well?

          Or Does it have -1 or Unknown or - as a value in any of the fields in Employee_Data Table.

          I'm sure there must be a better way to check for nulls but I personally check for nulls in my dashboard.

          Check if field is null in script, in conditional statement