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    How to calculate percentage on Totals.

    Giuseppe De Vivo

      Hi all,


      I Need to Calculate the percentage of each column on the totals of each rows.

      In other words, I show you the table :




      I'd like to obtain, for each rows, this value:

      30/12/2014552.687.882478.734.685 / 552.687.88228.035.992 / 552.687.882
      44.026.805 / 552.687.882
      1.890.400 / 552.687.882
      31/03/2015747.808.949676.981.625 / 747.808.949and so on....


      To obtain this, I've tried with set analysis to ignore the dimension column in this way:


      Count([Misure1]) / Count({$<dimension= >}[Misure1])



      But it doesn't work. Can  someone help me?