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    Advanced Analytics Extensions - Problems

    Pedro Lopes

      Hi guys,


      I tried to start this discussion on Advanced Analytics Extensions Group but don't have access (I don't no why).


      So, i started to use the new beta version Qlik sense and R integration, but i had some problems to do this.


      First of all, i follow the "R extension Spet-by-step guide", but i find some thinks do not worked.


      - Qlik Sense server 3.1 version (OK)

      - Engine folder as administrator (OK)

      - Install R and packages (RServe, TTR, forecast) ..I can't install RStudio because my QlikSense Server runs on Windows Server 2012

      - library(Rserve) as run Rserve() on R


      Change some files:

      Open C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Engine --edit the file settings.ini to

      [Settings 7]




      Go to Apps directory and create Rserve.dev



        "EngineName": "R",

        "AllowScriptExecution" : true,

        "Path": "C:\\Program Files\\csharp\\RservePlugin\\QvRserve.exe"



      Import the extension Variable Slider (do not work) missing some files into this extenssion.


      Some one can help me with this?


      Thanks in advance.



      Pedro Lopes