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    Calculating percentage of total by dimension

    Scott Posey

      I'm trying to figure out if I can do something in Qlik or if I have to do it at the SQL Server Database level via SQL code.


      Basically, I'm making a pivot table in Qlik Sense that shows revenue by month for some dimensions. What I'm trying to do, is create a % of Total Revenue column that will take the revenue for the dimension and then compare it against the total revenue for all dimensions.


      So for instance, if I have...


      Colors  | Revenue | % of Total Rev

      Blue     |  $10         |       10%

      Red     |  $20         |        20%

      Green  |  $70         |        70%


      I would want to see 10% total revenue next to blue, 20% total revenue next to red, and then 70% total revenue next to green.


      That is over simplifying it, but it's essentially the formula I'm trying to come up with. Comparing the total revenue of one slice of a dimension against the cumulative total of results under the same dimension (colors in the instance above.)


      Thank you.