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    QliK Sense 3.1 - New Expression Input on Colors and Legend

    Paulo Soares

      Hi everyone


      I've noticed a new expression input when I choose Colors "by dimension" in any chart.
      2016-10-14 15_42_29-Qlik Sense Desktop.png



      For my understanding, this input is responsible to define the chart colors based on a new dimension that you choose.


      In that case, VENDOR represents the bars and BRAND represent the colors.




      2016-10-14 15_42_29-Qlik Sense Desktop2.png





      OK, so, once it's an Expression Edit input, I assume I able to control this dimension dynamically. But it doesn't work. I've tried use variable or even a concat function, based on the selection from another field, but without success.


      Any ideas? 


      Thanks =)