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    Data load

    Zaira Sanchez

      Hi guys.

      I am new with Qlik Sense and I've 3 data sources: customers.qvd, products.qvd and salesorders.qvd.

      First of all I would like to know how can I load my tables.

      I'm in the script editor but when I try to load, display me an error: "Connection not found".

      I add an image which shows my current script and the path where I would like to store my new qvd.

      I am a little confused ... I don't have idea why happens this.

      ..what will be the correct path? 

      (Next week, I'm going to do this process but in QlikView and I don't like to suffer like this moment... I think is the same process)


      Could anyone help me, please?


      Thank you.