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    Mashup Editor

    ilan baruch

      hi all ,

      i am using "Simple mashup scenario" with absolute positioning template,

      mashing an app from hub which is available for group of users.


      1. as the mashup contain several objects and not the full app as in the hub,

         is there a way to allow access to the mashup, and not to the app on the hub?

      2. using "position: absolute" for objects div (template default) is not Responsive,

         what is the alternative to keep the mashup responsive?


      any tip or example would be appreciated

      advanced thanks

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          Lakshmikandh Karthikeyan

          Yes you can launch the mashup using URL, without  accessing the hub.


          For responsive mashup pages you have to work upon the CSS to get it done.

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              ilan baruch

              Thank you Lakshmikandh, i have a senario as below:

              user1 is assign to stream1 and he can access the hub, stream1 and app1.

              i want to create for him a mashup that will contain part of app2 located in stream2 which he (user1) have no access. is it possible to give him access to the mashup without giving the access to stream2 on the hub?


              is CSS the only way for responsive mashup or its easier then html/js?

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              Jose Fernandez

              Hi ilan,

              Answering to your questions:
              1-  The user should have access rights to the objects in the hub in order to visualise the objects within the mashup. But other than that you can just provide the mashup url which acts a html wrapper for the objects and not the hub.


              2- The absolute positioning template has no responsiveness, so either you do it yourself with css, or I would recommend you to use any of the other distributed templates like "Grid mashup template".