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    regarding keys


      How to generate a key field in qlikview??? How qlikview will handle the surrogate keys??? how does qlikview handle slowly changing dimensions???

        • regarding keys



          In QlikView the links between tables are made based on the field names. A surrogate key is the best candidate for this.

          Be careful to end up in correct links by unintentinally use the same field names (e.g. Short_Desc etc)

          You can have the table name added to the fields using QUALIFY to prevent such unwanted links. You can also use a pattern for link fields, e.g. add a "%" in front, to make them stand out. In this case you can QUALIFY all fields but UNQUALIFY "%*". There are some examples in the documentation.

          SCD handling is mostly left to your app with some built in functions that help to deal with them like intervalmatch.

          I have attached a simple example of an SCD2 case.