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    Qlik Sense, Field Uniqueness

    Paul Pichette

      I am new to Qlik Sense, and tried loading several text files.  These are an invoice file, and I had two invoice detail tables that describe the products / services that are rendered.  in each of these detail tables there's an employe# key, which caused Qliksense to find a synthetic key.  My thoughts were then to load both detail tables into a single detail table, adding a calculated column to distinguish between them.  The two tables are similar enough in nature to be combined (qty, price, etc...).


      I read that for Qlik Sense to combine two tables, all I really need to do is name the columns the same way, but when I load the second table I keep getting errors that the field names must be unique, and it tries to name each column name with a prefix of the table.


      Should I be doing this manually by editing the individual load statements?


      Should I be using the CONCATENATE statement?


      Am I going about this completely wrong?


      Thanks in advance