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    Excel Export issue in Qlik Sense (field order & color format)

    Riccardo Centomo

      Hi to everybody,

           i'm try to approach to Qlik Sense while i'm using Qlik View.

      I'm trying to understand how the export to excel work for a table for example.

      I have created this table:



      and i have make a color format for the QTY and the DATE_2 that highlight where DATE_2 is null. After i have export to excel this Qlik Sense table and this is the .xlsx file:



      First of all i don't understand hot to achieve the same fields order like the Qlik Sense table, where the DATE_2 is after the QTY..

      This is important because every table or pivot that i have exported from Sense doesn't have the fields order like the origin table (that have dimension and also measure) and i don't want to manually change every excel exported..

      After i notice that the field DATE_2, in the Qlik Sense table, don't get the color format also if it's value is null (like the QTY field do). In Qlik View there is any problem to achieve this also in the value of the field is null.

      Also i expect the excel get the same color format from the Sense table fields but i don't see any color format. Qlik View export the file in .xls but the color format is similar like the origin table/chart.


      Anybody can help me to understand why Sense has all this behaviors?


      Thanks in advance