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    Challenge with Text on 2-dimensional pie chart


      In order to analyse the headcount per business area of a number of companies I created a pie chart with 2 dimensions; actually it is one pie in the centre (business areas) and a doughnut on the outside (companies).
      On the data points I show the total numbers. (Expressions, Text on Data Point)

      My challenge is:
      The totals are OK on the outside dimension (companies) but on the innner dimension (business area) I see numbers that don't make a lot of sense. They are not the sum of all heads of that particular business area of all companies but the headcount of that business area of one of the companies.
      Interestingly enough, when I hover above a business area segment the pop-up does show the correct total.

      How can I get the displayed text to show the correct business area totals?