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    Set Analysis depends upon different Conditions

    Mohit Dahiya

      Dear Friends,


      Requirement is in QlikSense . Not in Qlikview. No Conditional chart is present.


      I Have Doctors and Year Like


      Doctor     Year                         Revenue

      Sunny      2014,2015 ,2016        455667

      Manish    2014, 2015                 467787

      Arjun       2014, 2015 ,2016        454767

      Jagan      2015                           754344

      Mohit       2014                            4577

      Now Requirement is

      1.) if i don't select any thing then current year.

      2.)if the doctor is selected Like manish current year is not present then chart should be blank.

      3.) but if we select again a year for manish like 2014 in the data should show for the 2014 year. Then it will depend on the selected Year.


      Mohit Dahiya