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    Condition on Dimension

    Mohit Dahiya

      Dear All,


      I have a dimension Doctor.

      I am using it as a filter.



      1.) If i don,t select any year then need to show doctors for current year .

      2.) otherwise according to the years selections.




      Doctor     Year                         Revenue

      Sunny      2014,2015 ,2016        455667

      Manish    2014, 2015                 467787

      Arjun       2014, 2015 ,2016        454767

      Jagan      2015                           754344

      Mohit       2014                            4577

      By default 2 doctors will be present in the List box only Sunny And Arjun.

      If i selected 2015 then Manish and Sunny and Arjun, Jagan will be in List box.

      And if i selected 2014 then All except jagan.




      Mohit Dahiya