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    get all user reports



      I am trying to fetch all the Qlikview reports assigned to an user along with report URL within the service response.


      I have tried the below code.


        // create a QMS API client

                      IQMS apiClient = new QMSClient();



                      //retrieve a time limited service key

                      ServiceKeyClientMessageInspector.ServiceKey = apiClient.GetTimeLimitedServiceKey();



                      // clear the QMS's QVS object cache from user document listings

                      // so that the any new user documents can be discovered


                      // get a list of QVS services

                      List<ServiceInfo> qvsServices = apiClient.GetServices(ServiceTypes.QlikViewServer).ToList<ServiceInfo>();

                      if (qvsServices.Count > 0)


                          // retrieve all user documents for the first QVS in the list

                          List<DocumentNode> userDocuments = apiClient.GetUserDocuments(qvsServices[0].ID).ToList<DocumentNode>();

                          // print the names of all user documents

                          Console.WriteLine("The " + qvsServices[0].Name + " contains the following user documents:" + Environment.NewLine);

                          foreach (DocumentNode userDocument in userDocuments.OrderBy(x => x.RelativePath).ThenBy(x => x.Name))


                              //Console.WriteLine(Path.Combine(userDocument.RelativePath, userDocument.Name));





      Its returning the documents assigned to me. Is Document means report?


      if so the document relative path I am getting empty. can I get report http path as well ?