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    How can I restrict data by users?



      I would like to know how can I restrict accesses by users. I read some things about Section Access, but I don't understand how can I apply it to my case.

      I have a table with 2 columns:

      KeyAccountManagerName, ClientNumber

      John, 2548

      Tom, 7894

      Anna, 6698


      I would like to define that each KAM only can see his/her client's detailed data. However, I would like that each KAM could see others KAM clients data but only aggregated data, not the detailed data.

      What I mean is, for example, John can see all data related with his customers like details of sales amount by month, but only can see the aggregated data from Tom's clients, like for example the total sales amount of his clients.

      Thanks in advance for your help!