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    Qlikview Nprinting excel size output

      Hello, use Nprinting to generate an excel with sales throughout the year. Until two weeks ago, he weighed 90MB, stopped working and error Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown appears. I think it's because now he weighed more than 100 mb.

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          Oktay Pamuk

          Hi Luc,


          If it is not too late, the reason is that NPrinting 16 is only in 32 bit. Therefore it can only have 4 GB of RAM. Try to optimize the QlikView application so that it is smaller in size(less years of data, less fields, etc.). Beside that you could also have some changes in NPrinting:

          - Page Feature to split by dimension per page

          - Use filter to reduce the data accessed





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            Chanty 4u

            and if you have 20MB is max you can get it in 10 min after generating.


            but you can reduce the data from qlikside  and send


            in excel you can delete the empty rows/columns below the tables    because each cell takes as size of the template