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    Set analysis comparison

      Hello, good people from qlikview community.


      I have some questions about set analysis. There are some calculations that seem right but it doesn't show the right answer.



      in my first straight table I want to compare the current month with the previous month and show the percentage of the difference between the two months:

      But I get some strange percentages there:

      my expression is:

      Sum({1<OrderYearMonth = {$(selectedYearMonth)}>}LineTotal)/1000-Sum({1<OrderYearMonth = {$(prevYearMonth)}>}LineTotal)/1000


      I just do my first expression minus the second and then show it as the percentage.



      In my second pivot table I want to compare current month and the whole year. I've succeded to get information in the table about the current month but it doesn't go well with the whole year.My script is that:

      Sum({1<OrderYearMonth = {$(YearSelected)}>}LineTotal)/1000


      Subsequently, I do not have the right percentage here either.


      Thank you in advance for your help and +1 for your karma.

      Just in case, I attach my file.