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    Changes in Sense App won't refresh in NPrinting

    Kristian Kuka



      after changing my Sense App, I can't see the changes in NPrintig! (Yes, I reload the connections metadata)


      I do the followoing:


      - Do some simple changes like renaming a chart, adding a calculation in a Qlik Sense Application

      - In NPrinting, I go to Connections and execute "Reload metadata" for the corresponding connection.

           That results in "Connection Status - OK" and "Cache status - Generated", so everything looks fine.

      - Then I go to the Report and select "Edit Template". The Designer (Template editor) opens.


      Now I try to use my changes, but they dont appear. I try to add the new table (table -> add objects), but can't find it. Even the little green reload button next to the Connection name in the upper rigth corner has no effect.

      I try to update a changed table (right click on table -> update), but NPrinting only says "There haven't been changes".


      After waiting some time, I don#t know how long exactly, maybe 30 to 45 minutes (!!), i can see the changes.


      It's not possible to work with NPrinting!


      Any suggestions?


      It would also help to understand, how the reload works, so I can manually affect it.



      I use NPrinting and Qlik Sense

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          Steve Dark

          Hi Kristian,


          I would recommend upgrading your Qlik Sense Server to 3.1, as there are fixes going on in both Sense and NPrinting that work together.


          Have you tried manually updating the cache on the connection, using the cog on the connections page:



          It shows you for each connection you have when the cache was last updated, so you can see if that is before or after your app change.


          Hope that helps.


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              Kristian Kuka

              Hi Steve,



              yes, I consider to uprade my Sense Server installation as you suggested.



              And yes, I manually update the cache every time I made changes. That's what I tried to say in my initial post with "reload metadata".



              I recently discovered a workaround to force the reload. Therefore I restart the NPrinting Engine Service (in Windows Services). After this restart, I have to wait several minutes for NPrinting reconnect to the Sense Engine, as shown in "Engine manager -> Status Online". As soons as the engine connection is up again, I update the cache for my connection manually. This works! All changes are now recognized by NPrinting and can be used in Template Editor.


              The Qlik Support recently confirmed, that this behavior is a bug. It should get fixed in NPrinting 17.3.

              The support also suggested a service restart as a workaround.



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              Hendri van de Bunte



              I know this is an older post. But we have the same issue with 17.6. But with the refresh described it is still not working.


              I tried the above solution, with version 17.6 with a QS server. But it doesn't reload the metadata in the tables in NPrinting. Is there a solution already?