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    Date interval selecton



      I'm new to QV and scripting in general. I'm trying to set up a way to select date intervals but I'm stuck. Say you want to analyse intervals before, during and after a campaign. Using listboxes is no good since the start date and end date vary and may be in the middle of a month. If I tick multiple values in general settings for the calendar object I can drag out an interval within a month but shift-select to a date several moths away won't work. I can only keep selection over to the next month by using Ctrl. That is not really a good way if you need longer intervals and I suspect there to be a much easier way to solve this kind of selections. Perhaps with two inputboxes for the start and end dates - but I have yet to figure out how they work.

      (I also tried a multibox with the field TempDate from the Master Calendar, problem is it also gets stuck when draging out your selection and the selected fields are then at the top of the list, so you cant continue. I even tried using the slider object based on TempDate but with years of dates it's almost impossible to select the end date by draging out an interval because it jumps 15 dates per pixel.)

      Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.