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    Border issue in Nprinting levels

    Supriya R

      Hi all,


      I have created a pixel perfect report with levels, where it loops through each row for creating a table. For this i have added a border ( like  |_|  , with no top border).


      When i take a pdf or preview this, i get table with some times boder or no border or boder with thick width

      When previewed i get as below:



      Sometimes, some table like below with no borders:




      Things i noticed, when i enlarge images, i see two border lines overlapping with little space, see images below


      with 125% Zooming



      with 150% Zooming



      How to avoid this spacing between border lines, so that all boders should appear with same width and borders for all rows(as you can see for some table there is no border visible even border is assigned)