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    .NET SDK - AttributeExpressions for Table

    Patrik Seger



      I'm having a problem using AttributeExpressions for measures for Table using .NET SDK in Sense 3.0.


      For Pivot table, its only to add one expression for background color and one for foreground color, but for the ordinary table this does not work.


      When looking into a table that uses background/foreground coloring, it looks like you need to define the color by setting "LibraryId" to "cellBackgroundColor" resp "cellForegroundColor", but even when doing so in the .NET SDK, no attribute shows up.


      The documentation about this does not help much, there is really nothing that tells how to set these attributes.


      Anybody out there that knows how this works?


      Br Patrik

        • Re: .NET SDK - AttributeExpressions for Table
          Mattias Wennmo

          Hi Patrik,

          this behaviour is due to a change in how AttributeExpressions are interpreted in the client specifically for straight tables. We are currently investigating how to handle this in the SDK in future releases.


          As a workaround it should be possible to set the background/foreground coloring in table properties by using AbstractStructure.


          var idProperty = new NxAttrExprDef {Expression = "colorUpdated"};

          idProperty.Set("id", "cellBackgroundColor");


          Best Regards,