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    Line Chart In Personal Edition


      I have recently installed Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition and a newbie to Qlik View.

      I am developing a line chart using Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition. I am fetching data from a SQL table which has 2 date columns. My X axis dimension is date difference in days between the 2 date columns. The Y Axis dimension is quantity for actual,historical and forecast i.e. trendlines. The line chart thus displays the 3 trends over days.

      I have following questions:

      1) The zero "0" in my X axis ( i.e. days axis) doesnot concide with the zero on Y axis ( i.e. quantity axis). It comes with an offset. Can these 2 zeroes be merged or the offset be removed? I am enclosing the screesnhot below of my line chart output which should clarify my problem further.

      2) My other requirement is that can the 3 trend lines for historical, actual and forecast be displayed as dashed for those days that are future dates compared to current date? I mean , data for past dates can show up as thick lines till current date, as they are currently shown. But those data points which lie in future compared to current date, can those be shown as dashed lines, indicating to the user which is actually the past and which are suppossedly the future, hope i am clear. As mentioned above, i am enclosing my current line chart screenshot which should further clarify my req.

      error loading image

      Please let me know if any of you need any further clarification regarding my problem.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards